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Web Design

by Julian Maddock


Julian Maddock

My name is Julian Maddock.
In the 1980's I trained in Fortran, COBOL, C and Modula-2 on mainframes and PC's, writing mainly business accounting software. This led naturally to a fascination with the Web and web design. I value it's democracy and availability.

In addition to what I offer here, I work freelance in spirituality.

Get in touch with me or see the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Web Design

Having web presence can be a painless process. Results can been seen quickly.

I am particularly interested in offering my website design skills and experience to churches and other spiritual/religious organisations. I bring an understanding of spirituality together with a knowledge of computers.

My approach is to design with W3C web standards using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. In practice this means that making additions and changes to a website is relatively quick and easy. I try to follow accessibility guidelines so that websites will be accessible to the greatest number of users, such as those with disabilities or who use hand-held devices, and for a variety of browsers and operating system platforms.

Some ways I can help:


“Thank you for a clean, modern and very accessible website. Congratulations.” Tony Yates, Cornerstone

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